Administrative Orders


Administrative Order Number

Rescinded by Administrative Order Number
PA/PI-CIR-97-14 1/31/97 Court Reporters - Rescinding Various Orders  
PA/PI-CIR-97-15 3/13/97 Juries and Jury Selection  
PI-CIR-97-24 3/13/97 Reassignment of Cases After Recusal or Disqualification
PI-CIR-97-28 3/18/97 Guardianship and Probate Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PA/PI-CIR-97-29 3/20/97 Independent Expert Examinations - Baker Act Cases 2015-068
PI-CIR-97-31 3/31/97 Mass Motion Calendar - Family Law Division  
PI-CIR-97-32 3/31/97 Injunction for Protection - Case Assignment  
PI-CIR-97-37 4/17/97 Civil Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PA/PI-CIR-97-38 4/17/97 Appellate Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PI-CIR-97-39 4/17/97 Criminal Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PI-CIR-97-41 4/24/97 Pinellas County Work Release Program  
PI-CIR-97-45 5/7/97 Family and Juvenile Divisions - Rescinding Various Orders  
PA/PI-97-46 5/7/97 Guardian Advocate Training Course  
PI-CIR-97-47 5/14/97 Assignment of Cases Passed During Jury Trial Week  
PI-CIR-97-57 7/22/97 Assignment of Probate Cases Guardianship and Probate Division
PA/PI-CIR-97-72 9/24/97 Community Juvenile Arbitration Program 2004-058
PI-CIR-97-76 10/17/97 Affidavit of Indegence and Certification of Indigence 2004-36
PA/PI-CIR-97-78 10/31/97 Subpoena Duces Tecum - Criminal Cases  
PA/PI-97-85 11/12/97 Guardian Education 2019-005
PI-CIR-97-88 12/11/97 The Re-Establishment of Jury Districts for Pinellas County  
PA-CIR-97-20 10/6/97 Assignment of Cases - Circuit Civil  
PA-CIR-97-21 10/6/97 Assignment of Cases - Guardianship and Probate  
PA-CIR-97-22 10/6/97 Obsolete Administrative Orders  
PA-CIR-97-23 12/11/97 Re-Establishment of Jury Districts and Grand Jury for Pasco County   2014-020
PI-CTY-97-4 3/5/97 Small Claims Hearing Officers 2014-009
PI-CTY-97-6 6/5/97 Fines and Costs for County and Municipal Ordinance Violations - Juvenile Curfew
PI-CTY-97-7 6/5/97 County Court Division Civil and Small Claims Sections Counterclaims
PI-CTY-97-8 6/9/97 Small Claims Pre-Trial Hearings

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