In order to provide for the efficient administration of the courts in Pasco County and in accordance with Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.050(e)(3), it is

The following administrative orders are hereby rescinded:

1. Judicial Assignments

All Pasco Judicial Assignments for the years prior to 1995.

2.Acting Administrative Judge Assignments

All Temporary Administrative Judge Assignments for the years prior to 1997, PA-CIR-97 3, 97-6, 97-8, 97-10, 97-12 and 97-13.

3.Temporary Judicial Assignments

All Orders temporarily appointing a judge to hear, try and consider a case in another court that was entered for the years prior to 1996, PA-CIR-96-1, 2, 9 and PA-CIR-97-2.

4. Civil

83-18 Practicing Physician Fees
89-87 Motion to Set Aside Final Judgment Resulting from Orders of Forfeiture
90-29 Recording of Civil Documents/Judgments with out referenced attachments
91-24 Retention of Reopened Civil Cases
91-54 Civil Mediation/Arbitration

5. Criminal

77-68 Law Enforcement Agencies in Pasco County
78-7 Pasco County Detention Facility
78-8 Pasco County Detention Facility
Unnumbered Dated 8/18/81 - Experts-Confidential Evaluations
83-19 Pasco County Detention Center
83-19A Pasco County Sheriff-Weekend Sentences
84-32 Experts - Mental Examinations
84-29 Conflict Attorneys- Criminal Cases
85-8 Release of Inmates
Amendment to 85-8 Release of Inmates, dated July 24, 1985
85-18 West Pasco Jail Facility
Amendment to Administrative Order 85-18, dated October 3, 1985
85-23 Requiring Clerk to Send Sheriff Nolle Prosequi and No Informations
85-24 Scheduling of Advisories No Earlier than 8:30 a.m.
86-1 Pasco County Detention Center-West Pasco
Amended 86-1 Pasco County Detention Center - West Pasco, dated January 24, 1986
86-2 Statewide Grand Juror Supervision
86-4 Criminal Rule 3.216(a)/Costs of Mental Examinations
86-7 Jail Population
86-45 Electronic Selection/Statewide Grand Jurors
87-6 Detention Hearings
87-27 Guidelines for Per Diem and Travel Expenses for Private Attorneys Appointed in Public Defender Conflict Cases
87-41 Jail Population
88-4 Establishment of Early Disposition Calendars and Procedures
88-16 Jail Overcrowding- Releases
88-25 Overcrowding at Pasco County Detention Centers
88-64 Appointment of Pasco County Correctional Planning Committee
90-21 Criminal Rule 3.216(a)
91-59 Transport of Inmates for Court Proceedings
92-68 Pride, Inc., Misdemeanor Probation Program in Pasco County

6. Family

84-33 Designation of Clerk as Central Governmental Depository
84-35 Creation of Central Governmental Depository for Pasco County
85-2 Alimony or Child Support Orders
85-15 Creation of Central Governmental Depository for Pasco County
87-27 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit
87-28 Domestic Violence Act
87-36 Child Support Enforcement
91-18 Domestic Violence
92-1 Domestic Violence

7. Guardianship and Probate

84-14 Probate Review Section
85-19 Myers Act
86-6 Probate Court Files
89-115 Professional Guardianship Education Course
89-214 Probate
91-3 Acting West Pasco Master
95-8 Probate (Pleadings)
96-23 Appointment of Special Masters
96-11 Appointment of Special Masters

8. Judicial Procedures and Administrative

81-40 Rescinding Administrative Order 79-36
81-86 Utilization of Court Facilities by Independent Court Reporters
83-16 Order of Reassignment
84-19 Reassignment of Cases
84-28 Non-Military Affidavits
84-34 Rescission of Obsolete Administrative Orders
84-37 Order Appointing Marsha B. Glisson and William F. Brewton as General Masters
85-1 Designations of Civil Divisions in Pasco County
Amended 85-1 Designations of Civil Divisions in Pasco County
85-11 Non-Military Affidavits
85-22 Disaster Preparedness
86-16 Local Rules ($2.00 per copy)
86-24 Caption of Pleadings
86-32 Rescission of Administrative Order 86-14
87-5 Compensation for Court Appointed Interpreters
87-32 Designations of Circuit Criminal and Juvenile Divisions, East and West Pasco
87-36 Unified Budget
88-42 Law Clerk Program
89-102 Designations of Civil Divisions in Pasco County, Florida
Amended 89-102 Designations of Civil Divisions in Pasco County, Florida
92-46 Acting East Pasco Master
94-37 Compensation For Court Appointed Interpreters
94-45 Pasco Appeals
95-2 Vacancies and/or Absences in Divisions
95-41 Acting Administrative Judge and West Pasco Court Shut Down

9. Juries

88-81 Juror Failure to Appear
89-1 Grand Jury

10. Juvenile

87-40 Juvenile Detention Hearings
88-33 Juvenile Detention Hearings
90-41 Sealing Juvenile Files
92-2 Pasco Juvenile Detention
92-56 Pasco Juvenile Detention Hearings

11. County, Small Claims and Traffic

77-8 Misdemeanor and Traffic Bond Schedule
77-77 Collections on Moving Traffic Violations
83-20 Authorization of Payment for Travel Expenses - Small Claims in West Pasco
Amended 83-20 Small Claims Cases - West Pasco
84-30 Small Claims Cases - West Pasco
85-5 Bond Schedules, Misdemeanor and Traffic
85-17 Citizens Dispute Settlement Program
86-31 Small Claims Mediation
89-45 Release of Bonds in Motor Vehicle Claims
89-55 Order Rescinding Orders
91-61 Saltwater Fishing License Violations

DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, this 6th day of October, 1997.

Susan F. Schaeffer, Chief Judge