Administrative Orders
Local Practice
Administrative Order Number


Electronic Filing in Pinellas County
2022-018 Electronic Filing in Pasco County
2021-021 Confidentiality of Court Records
2020-011 Motions to Compel Discovery
2020-003 Pro Bono Committee
2019-025 Pre-Trial Conferences
2018-041 Americans with Disabilities Act
2017-034 Selection and Payment of Experts
2015-052 Professionalism Committee and Standards of Professional Courtesy
2015-017 Court Operations in Emergencies
2014-030 Assignment of Probate Cases in Pinellas County


Implementation of Assignment of Circuit Civil, Family Law, County Civil, and Small Claims Cases in Pinellas County 2012-029
After Hours Procedures for Dating, Domestic, Repeat, and Sexual Violence Injunctions in Pasco County
Media Policy
2006-097 First Appearance Advisory Proceedings
2006-070 Uncontested Residential Tenant Evictions
2006-022 Judicial Annual Leave
2006-017 Disclosure of Protected Health Information Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Recovery of Expenditures for State-Funded Services
Voluntary Trial Resolution
2005-001 Inmate Indigence Eligibility
PA-CIR-00-14 Confiscation of Property and Products Pursuant to Section 370.061, Florida Statutes
PA-CIR-00-11 Designations of Circuit Court Sections in Pasco County
Designations of County Court Sections in Pasco County
Uniform Motion Calendar Civil Division
Subpoena Duces Tecum - Criminal Cases
PI-CIR-97-47 Assignment of Cases Passed During Jury Trial Week
PI-CIR-97-41 Pinellas County Work Release Program
Assignment of Cases - Guardianship and Probate
Assignment of Cases - Circuit Civil
Additional Filing Fees in Medical Negligence Cases
Requests for Documents from Sealed Criminal Files Pursuant to Section 943.059(4)(a), Florida Statutes
PI-CIR-96-89 Circuit Court Sections - Civil and Criminal Divisions
Court Records
Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
Property Bond Forms
Authorized Forms for Cases Where a Property Bond is Requested
Child Victim Interviews
Limitation of Child Victim Interviews
Deposition Locations
Trial Subpoenas