Administrative Orders


Administrative Order Number

Rescinded by Administrative Order Number
PI-CIR-99-04 1/13/99 Circuit Court Section - Civil Establishment of Section 60 2003-016
PA/PI-CIR-99-05 1/13/99 Jimmy Ryce Involuntary Civil Commitment Proceedings
PA/PI-CIR-99-17 3/10/99 Inmates Held on Warrants Issued Outside Pasco and Pinellas Counties 2007-101
PA/PI-CIR-99-19 3/18/99 Court Appointed Counsel - Probate and Guardianship Proceedings PA/PI-02-10
PA/PI-CIR-99-26 3/30/99 Court Reporting Rates 2003-066
PA/PI-CIR-99-33 4/14/99 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy 2004-077
PA/PI-CIR-99-34 4/29/99 Family Self-Help Program 2003-040
PA/PI-CIR-99-35 4/29/99 Transcripts - Depositions/Other Criminal Proceedings  
PA/PI-CIR-99-42 6/22/99 Implementation of Domestic Violence Court 2004-039
PA/PI-CIR-99-43 6/23/99 Amended and Rescinded Local Rules of the Sixth Judicial Circuit 2004-043
PA/PI-CIR-99-46 7/15/99 Standards of Professional Courtesy and Professionalism Implementation Procedures 2007-006
PI-CIR-99-47 7/14/99 Establishment of Career Criminal Section Within the Criminal Division of the Sixth Judicial Circuit In and For Pinellas County  
PA/PI-CIR-99-52 8/4/99 General Masters - Post-Conviction Public Records Productions 2004-068
PA/PI-CIR-99-60 8/25/99 Americans with Disabilities Act 2010-045
PA/PI-CIR-99-66 9/21/99 Public Trust and Confidence in the Courts 2013-086
PA/PI-CIR-99-73 11/16/99 Concurrent Family Law and Juvenile Dependency Cases 2007-101
PI-CIR-99-76 12/13/99 Law Library Hours - Pinellas County 2003-048
PA/PI-CIR-99-77 12/13/99 Electronic Media and Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedings 2008-076
PI-CTY-99-04 11/19/99 Notice to Appear - Local Ordinance Violations; Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Violations Uniform Fine Schedule 2005-022

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