Administrative Orders
Probate and Guardianship Division
Administrative Order Number
2019-017 Proceedings to Prohibit Purchase of Firearms by the Mentally Ill
2019-005 Guardianship
2018-035 Injunctions for Protection Against Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults
2017-033 Expert and Professional Fees
2017-034 Selection and Payment of Experts
2016-077 Electronic Filing in Pinellas County – Amendment One
2016-018 Electronic Filing in Pinellas County
2015-055 After Hours Procedures for Baker Act and Marchman Act Hearings in Pinellas County
2014-030 Assignment of Probate Cases in Pinellas County
2014-014 Baker Act Hearings
2013-003 Service of Pleadings and Documents Probate and Guardianship
2012-009 General Magistrates and Child Support Enforcement Hearing Officers
2009-037 Incapacity & Guardianship Cases – Appointment of Attorney & Recovery of Costs
2006-041 Compensation of Court Appointed Attorneys in Guardianship Proceedings Involving a Solvent Client
Obsolete Administrative Order (2001-23)
Expedited Judicial Intervention for Medical Treatment
 Guardian Advocate Training Course
PI-CIR-97-28 Guardianship &  Probate Division - Rescinding Various Orders
PA-CIR-97-21 Assignment of Cases - Guardianship and Probate
91-48 Proceedings Pursuant to Chapter 415, Florida Statutes