Administrative Orders
Criminal Division
Administrative Order Number


Electronic Filing in Pinellas County
2022-018 Electronic Filing in Pasco County
2022-017 Case Files in Pasco County
2021-016 Uniform Bond Schedule – Pinellas County
2021-015 Uniform Bond Schedule – Pasco County
2020-019 Pinellas County Criminal Court – Amended Assignment of Misdemeanor Notice to Appear and Ordinance Violatio
2019-066 Adult Drug Court
2019-060 Alternative Sanctions Program
2019-006 Order Authorizing Use of Complaint/Arrest Affidavit and Countywide Mandated Notice to Appear Form
2017-033 Expert and Professional Fees
2017-034 Selection and Payment of Experts
2017-039 Court Costs, Assessments, Surcharges, and Fines
2016-039 Uniform Procedures for Forfeitures of Personal Property
(see 2016-039)
Notice to Claimants of Seizure and Filing Requirements Under Section 932.704(5)(C), Florida Statutes
2016-027 Procedures for Return Of Firearms-Pasco County
2016-011 Adult Drug Court Expansion – Pinellas County

Violations of Felony Probation or Community Control

2016-009 Pinellas Criminal Section J
2016-006 Procedures for Return of Firearms – Pinellas County
2015-039 Assignment of Criminal, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Dependency and Traffic Cases in Pasco County
2014-040 Docketing of Counsel in Juvenile and Adult Criminal Cases in Pinellas County
2013-042 Misdemeanor Probation Services
2012-045 Accepting of Credit Cards to Post Bonds     
2010-076 Vehicle Immobilization
2009-052 Additional Warrants for Pay or Appear
2009-046 Warrants for Pay or Appear
2008-082 Warrants for Pay or Appear
2007-009 Criminal Advisory Responsibilities
2006-107 County Criminal Section
2006-097 First Appearance Advisory Proceedings

Pinellas Circuit Criminal Section T


Inmate Indigence Eligibility

DNA Testing


Assignment of Capital Post-Conviction Cases


Fines and Costs as Condition of Probation

Establishment of a Career Criminal Section Within the Criminal Division of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, In and For Pinellas County

Transcripts - Depositions/Other Criminal Proceedings


Subpoena Duces Tecum - Criminal Cases

Pinellas County Work Release Program

Criminal Division - Rescinding Various Orders


Requests for Documents from Sealed Criminal Files Pursuant to Section 943.059(4)(a), Florida Statutes

Property Bond Forms

Authorized Forms for Cases Where a Property Bond is Requested


Child Victim Interviews - Amending Order 86-2


Limitation of Child Victim Interviews

Deposition Locations

Trial Subpoenas

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