Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 79-1  5C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Home for aged
receded from in
Op. 99-13
 3D  Disqualification - Cases involving attorney and law firm representing judge (receded from in Op. 99-13)
 79-3  Character reference letter - Recommendation for admission to law school
 79-4  5C  Judge receiving loan from bank - Banking officer is convicted felon
 79-5  7C  Senior Judge - serving as guardian of an estate of non-family member
receded from in
Op. 01-01
 2B, 4A  Judge nominating an attorney as delegate to the American Bar Association (receded from in Op. 01-01)
receded from in
Op. 84-24
Disqualification - Matters in which brother-in-law or son-in-law of judge are attorney of record (receded from in Op. 84-24)
 79-8  Judge providing assistance to Pro se litigants
 79-9  Judge serving as executor of estate of Aunt
 79-10  7 Judge attending partisan political meeting
 79-11  Letter written by judge - Subsequent use of letter in application for grant
 79-12  Judge as witness - Testimony on matters occurring prior to becoming a judge
 79-13  Judge as member - Board of Directors - D.W.I. counter-attack school
 79-14  Judge as member - Yacht Club Commodore
 79-15  7  Judge as candidate for president of local Bar association
 79-16  7  Judge serving as president of local Bar association
 79-17  Judge attending dinner at which he will be guest of honor
 79-18  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Private high school