Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 78-1  7  Judicial Candidate - Proposed campaign announcement language
 78-2  Question not within jurisdiction of Committee
 78-3  4A, 7A  Judge making public comments regarding proposed constitutional amendments
 78-4  Duty of judge to report to the IRS testimony regarding intentional underreporting of income.
 78-5  Judge as member - Board of Trustees - County Day School
 78-6  7  Judicial Candidate - proposed campaign statements- attending partisan political meeting
 78-7  7  Judicial Candidate - proposed campaign statements - cases handled by campaign contributors
 78-8  5C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Federal Savings and Loan Association
 78-9  5B  Judge as member - Alumni Association - Use of picture for fundraising activities
 78-10  2, 3  Judge as witness - Testimony at civil trial as expert witness
 78-11  7  Judicial Candidate - Judge subject to merit retention - Acceptance of contributions for qualifying fee
 78-12  2B, 5C  Judge as co-author with attorney
 78-13  7B  Judicial Candidate - May judicial candidates engage in a debate
 78-14  Judge as member - County bond advisory board - Public comment by judge regarding proposed bond issue
 78-15  7B  Judicial Candidate - Commenting on disputed legal issues
receded from in
Op. 00-34
 Disqualification - Judge is payee on mortgage owed by law firm (receded from in Op. 00-34)
 78-17  5C  Gifts - Acceptance and reporting of discounted country club membership
 78-18  Question not within jurisdiction of Committee
 78-19  Judge retaining interest in office building and land owned with former law firm
receded from in
Op. 81-01
 Recusal - Cases handled by law firm which employs spouse of judge (receded from in Op. 81-01)
 78-21  Spouse of judge - Employment with county Criminal Justice Board
 78-22  Judge performing marriage ceremony involving family member
 78-23  Judge accepting funds to offset expenses incurred relating to attendance at continuing legal education seminar
 78-24  2B  Character reference letter - Candidate for The Florida Bar Designation Plan