Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges



 77-1  5C  Judge as member - Officer in family corporation
 77-2  5F  Practice of law - Judge participating in oral argument before appeals court
 77-3  5C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Banks formed by judge
 77-4  3C  Disqualification - Brother of judge is Chief Assistant Public Defender
 77-5  2B  Judicial Candidate - Disposition of unexpended campaign funds
 77-6  5B  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Community college foundation
 77-7  5B  Judge as speaker - Moderator of panel
receded from in
Op. 98-11
 2, 6, 7B  Judge accepting contributions for legal defense fund (receded from in Op. 98-11)
 77-9  5B, 5G  Judge as member - Human Rights Advisory Council
 77-10  2B  Character reference letter - Candidate for appointment to U.S. Army Judge Advocate General corps
 77-11  5C  Judge presiding over cases handled by former law partner.
 77-12  3C  Disqualification - Brother of judge is Assistant State Attorney
 77-13  4C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Felon rehabilitation center
 77-14  5A  Judge accepting teaching position at a state university
 77-15  Judicial Candidate - Proposed political activity
 77-16  Judge donating to local high school football program - Photograph of judge appearing in football program
 77-17  2B  Judge writing letter to Parole and Probation Commission
 77-18  Acceptance of employment fee by judge anticipating retirement
 77-19  Spouse of judge - Appointment of wife to condominium association board of directors
 77-20  7  Judge attending testimonial dinner honoring county commissioner
 77-21  7  Judicial Candidate - Proposed campaign activity
 77-22  7  Judicial Candidate - Judge personally thanking contributors