Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 76-1  2B, 5C Judge as fiduciary - beneficiary and trustee of land trust - Judge as member - Board of Directors - business owned by wife
 76-2  7B  Judicial candidate - Proposed campaign conduct
 76-3  Inquiry concerning Opinion 73-5
 76-4  6  Senior judge - Compliance with Canon 6
 76-5  2, 5G  Judge purchasing estate property
 76-6  2, 5G  Judge attending legislative appreciation function
 76-7  7  Question not within jurisdiction of the Committee
 76-8  5B  Judge participating in video tape interview to be used in fundraising activity
recognized as overruled by
Op. 99-04
 5B  Judge communicating information pertaining to cases he handled prior to becoming a judge (recognized as overruled by Op. 99-04 )
 76-10  2A  Judge expressing personal sectarian beliefs during criminal sentencing hearings
 76-11  7  Judicial Candidate - Resign to run law
 76-12  Disqualification - Son of appellate court judge is employed by Public Defender
 76-13  3C  Disqualification - Cases involving firm which provides summer employment for son of judge
 76-14  3C  Disqualification - Cases involving electric cooperative of which judge is member
 76-15  7D  Judicial Candidate - Acceptance of contributions without announced opposition.
 76-16  4, 5  Judge as speaker - Proposed constitional amendment
 76-17  2B, 4A  Advertising statements made by company promoting book written by judge
 76-18  4A, 4C  Judge forming company to sponsor continuing legal education seminars
 76-19  5C  Judge as fiduciary - land trust
 76-20  5C  Judge owning property in partnership with attorney
 76-21  5B  Judge as member/teacher - Human Rights Advocacy Committee, Family Service Bureau; Instructor at Community College
 76-22  5C  Gifts - Acceptance of gift from former employer
 76-23  5C  Disqualification - Cases involving law firm which represented spouse of judge
 76-24  Spouse of Judge - Wife of judge is secretary for another judge
 76-25  5B  Judge as member - County Ombudsman Committee
 76-26  4  Judge filing amicus brief with Constitutional Revision Commission