Opinion 74-3
April 11, 1974

Re: Canon 7;4

Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct


Dear Judge

In your letter of March 26, 1974, you asked the Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct for their opinion as to the propriety of a judge accepting an invitation to appear before a local political party meeting for the purpose of explaining and discussing the new judicial system.

A majority of the committee suggests that a judge refrain from attending political gatherings even though his attendance there would be for educational purposes. There is the question of, "how educational the educational talk would be" or appear to be. We are reminded that a judge should not use, or appear to use, his position on behalf of any political party.

While Canon 7, does not specifically prohibit an appearance as outlined, yet when read in conjunction with the commentary under Canon 4, and also Chapter 105 F. S., the committee concludes that a judge's public appearance at a partisan political meeting is impermissible under the code.

With high esteem, I am

Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct

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cc: Committee members