Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges


Opinion Canon Subject
73-1 5B Judge serving as member - Board of Directors, Guidance Clinic, Inc.
73-2 5B(2) Activities of Judges who are Directors of University of Law Alumni Association
73-3 2 &3 Appointment of judge as ancillary administrator
73-4 5 Judge serving as member - Board of Directors, County Alcohol and Drug Council, Inc.
73-5 6 Compensation and reporting of monies received for performing marriage ceremony
73-6 5 Judge serving as member - Board of Directors, Mental Health Board, Inc.
73-7 2 Sale of real estate to former partner by judge
73-8 5A- 6 Judge writing articles for Spanish newspaper
73-9 2-4-5-6 Judge investing in mortgages
73-10 6 Manner and method of filing financial reports
73-11 5B(2) Fund solicitation by judge
73-12 5C(2) Judge serving as director - bank
73-13 5C(2) Judge serving as member - Board of Directors - bank
73-14 7B - 6B Applicability of Code of Conduct to Municipal judges
73-15 2 Judges rating attorneys for legal directories
73-16 7 Part-time judge engaging in practice of law
73-17 4A - 5A 6A(3) Judge as part-time instructor
73-18 7 Judge publishing brochure explaining right of defendants