Opinions of the Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee




5, 5A, 5B
Judge writing fictional crime novel with help from Assistant StateAttorney
Judge serving on Executive Board of local Character Counts Coalition which is a part of the United Way
7, 7A, 7C, 7E
Judicial Candidate accompanied by legislator spouse to non-partisan legislative events and other events
3, 3C(4)
Judge employing niece-in-law as a Judicial Assistant
4A, 4B
Judge attending educational program designed for and attended by criminal defense attorneys
4, 4A, 4B, 4B2, 4C
Judge as Member/Director - Continued directorship of "MentalHealthTaskForce" during formation of non-profit corporation responsible for seeking private funding
3, 3B(9), 4, 5, 5A(1)
Judges signing and circulating a petition to have victims in an unresolved murder case honored on a United States postage stamp
2A, 3 , 4, 4A, 5B
Judge as Member - Victim's Rights Council
4, 4A, 4B
Judge participating in the establishment of a county Community Justice Coalition; Chief Judge signing proposed agreement on behalf of all judges within the circuit establishing a county Community Justice Coalition
4, 4D(2), 4D(2)(a)
Judge accepting an award at a non-fundraising event.
Recedes from JEAC Opinions 85-12 and 77-08
2, 2B, 5, 5D, 5D(5), 5D(5)(e), 5D(5)(h), 6, 6B
Judge establishing and maintaining a defense fund to defend against charges of unethical behavior brought by the Judicial Qualifications Commission
Part-time Child Support Enforcement Hearing Officer - Limitation upon private practice of law
4, 4A, 4B
Judge speaking to and submitting proposed legislation to legislators in an effort to improve the law
4, 4B, 7, 7A, 7A(1), 7A(1)(d), 7B2, 7C(2), 7C(3)
Judge addressing electorate about proposed constitutional amendments at partisan and non-partisan forums; Judge or circuit (as an entity) publicly advocating a position on proposed constitutional amendments
overruled by Op. 03-04
Judge providing a non-subpoeaned voluntary statement to authorities conducting a criminal investigation of another (overruled by Op. 03-04 )
4, 4D(2), 4D(2)(a)
Chief Judge soliciting donations from judges, court personnel and others within the Circuit's court system to benefit an area homeless shelter
7, 7C(3)
Judical Candidate - Candidate for judicial office attending a "Question and Answer" forum sponsored by a partisan organization
6, 7
Judical Candidate - Judicial candidate serving on the Executive Committee of a local bar association
Judicial Candidate - Appearing in photograph with Legislator/Spouse and attending interview by political party to obtain party endorsement
3, 3E(1), 3F
Recusal - Judge's daughter is attorney of record. Recusal of law firm employing daughter of judge. Collection of attorney's fees earned prior to becoming judge.
Judge's duty to report attorney misconduct, when misconduct discovered during in camera inspection, occasioned by attorney's exercise of Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination
3(B)(7)(d), 5(F)
Whether a part-time Child Support Hearing Officer may serve also as a part-time Family Mediator
Whether a Traffic Hearing Officer's associate attorney may represent defendants charged with driving under the influence of alcohol
Judicial Candidate - Candidate for merit retention speaking at church sponsored candidates' night
1, 2(B), 7(1)(b)
Judge-elect - Participation in non-judicial campaigns prior to being sworn in as a County Judge
4D, 5C(2)
Judge as member - Mayor's Victims' Assistance Advisory Council - Judge's service in a leadership postion
7, 7A(3)(d)(ii-iii)
Judicial Candidate - Use of advertising which reproduces negative or critical headlines, stories or opinions about the candidate's opponent
3B(7), 3B(9)
Whether a judge may appear in a documentary concerning a case he recently tried when the case is currently on appeal
2(B), 5(D)(1), 5(D)(2), 5(D)(3)
Whether a judge may indirectly refer a defendant or respondent in a domestic violence case to a domestic violence program owned and operated by a county judge and his spouse
2(B), 5A(1), 5D(1)(a) & (b), 5D(2), 5D(3), 5D(4)
Whether a judge may facilitate batterers' groups in his spouses' program? Whether a judges' spouse may own and operate a domestic violence program in the circuit in which the judge presides?
4, 4B, 4D, 4D(2)(d), 5C(3)(a), 5C(3)(b)(iii), 7
Whether a Judge may belong to a voluntary bar organization that advocates passage of a constitutional amendment
Whether a Judge may participate in a charity fashion show