Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




97-1  2B  Judge as witness - Testimony in disciplinary matter
97-2  2 & 5  Acceptance of gifts - Passes to theme parks
97-3  7C(2)  Trial court law clerks - writing character reference letters
97-4   5E(1)  Judge as fiduciary - Guardian of property
recognized as overruled by
Op. 97-15
 5F  Judge as mediator - Reconsideration of Opinion 96-7 (recognized as overruled by
Op. 97-15)
97-6  4  Judge soliciting funds for legal aid
97-7  1 & 2  Character reference letter - use in application for clemency
97-8  3E  Spouse of judge - Employed as a temporary in law firm
97-9   Attorney's fee earned prior to assuming bench
97-10  3E Disclosure - relationship with member of State Attorney staff
97-11  4 D & 5C  Judge as member - Board of directors - Visitation Center
97-12  3E  Judge presiding over cases involving attorneys who were involved in a personal lawsuit
97-13  3E  Disqualification - Attorney is first cousin of judge
97-14  3E  Disqualification - Judge-appointee candidate - cases involving attorney member of Judicial Nominating Committee
Recedes from JEAC Opinions 96-07and 97-05
 5F  General Master - Becoming certified as a family law mediator
97-16  2B  Judge endorsing law related curriculum developed by newspaper
97-17  3D  Special Master - Obligation to report misconduct of member of the bar
97-18  Judge reporting a violation of §827.04(3) when reviewing any application for a marriage license.
97-19  5C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Cutlery Collectors Legislative Committee
97-20  5C  Judge as member - Children's Services Council
97-21  3E  Recusal/Disqualification - Brother of judge charged with DUI manslaughter. Inquiring judge assigned to criminal division
97-22  2B   Judge voluntarily testifying at out-of-state sentencing of close personal friend
97-23  Application of Code A(2)  Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer - Limitation upon private practice of attorney/ part-time hearing officer
97-24  4D(1)  Judge as member - Advisory board - Department of Justice Block Grant secured by local police department
97-25  3E  Recusal/Disqualifcation - Spouse of judge in attorney employed by Legal Aid
97-26  6  Judge as teacher - Instructor at religious university
Recedes from JEAC Opinion 92-15a
 5D(5)  Gifts - Acceptance of membership in military officers' club
97-28  5B  Judge appearing in advertisment to promote higher education
97-29  2B  Judge appearing in promotional sales video but not endorsing product
97-30  7A  Judge making presentation on judicial system to partisan political group
 97-31  4D  Judge as member - Board of Directors - DUI Countermeasures school which administers probation services
 97-32  2B, 5(C)(3)  Judge advising jurors to donate jury service compensation to Domestic Violence Shelter or organization specified by Guardian as Litem
 97-33  3E, 5C, 5D  Disclosure - Judge rents office space to attorneys under "Blind Trust"
 97-34  5, 5A, 7, 7A Judge as Candidate -  Judge involved in campaign activities during normal courthouse hours
 97-35  3C, 5D, 5G  Judge as member - Part-time officer in for-profit corporation
 97-36  5D, 6  Gifts - Disclosure of received by judge which were previously disclosed by non-judge spouse