Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 96-1  3E  Disqualification - Former Judicial Assistant now employed by law firm
 96-2  4D, 5C Judge as member - Attorney's support organization
 96-3  5C  Judge as speaker - fundraising dinner
96-4   5C Judge as member - Executive board - Character Counts
96-5  7 Traffic Magistrate - Compliance with Canon 7 and Resign to Run statute
96-6  2B Character reference letter - Florida Board of Bar Examiners
recognized as overruled by
Op. 97-15
 5F Judge as co-mediator - Propriety of becoming mediator while still a sitting judge (recognized as overruled by Op. 97-15)
 96-8  3E  Disclosure - Bailiff is private process server
96-9  4 Judge as member - SHOCAP
96-10   7A, 7B Judicial Candidate - attendance at testimonial and Tampa Bay Friends for Life banquet
 96-11  7 Judicial candidate - Appearance at partisan political function
 96-12  3E  General Master - Part-time General Master - Prohibition on practice of law
receded from in Op. 2010-25
 3F, 5D  Disclosure - Ownership of stock; Father of judge as mediator
 96-14  2B  Judicial letterhead - Use of letterhead to complain about health insurance benefit administration
 96-15  3E  Disqualification - Son of judge is legal advisor to Sheriff and full-time deputy sheriff
 96-16  2A, 4A, 5C  Judge as member - Domestic Violence Clemency Board
 96-17 7, 4A(2)  Judge as speaker - Master of ceremonies - Candidate's forum
 96-18  3B  Judge making public comment to ACLU regarding a recalcitrant witness
 96-19  7A  Judicial candidate - Attendance at political rally - Payment of fee to defray cost of rally
 96-20  7C  Judicial candidate - Attendance at political party functions
 96-21  7  Judicial candidate - Response for request for information on prior political activities
 96-22  5C  Participation in county Educational Assembly
Recedes from JEAC Opinion 95-24
   Judicial Nominating Committee - Clarification of Opinion 95-24
96-24  7A  Judicial candidate - Public defense of false statements made by opponent
 96-25  2B, 3B, 5A  Judge as legal commentator for televison station
 96-26  5D  Transfer of practice for lump sum
 96-27  5A, 5C  Judicial participation in Habitat for Humanity projects