Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 94-1  Judge publicly advocating signing constitutional amendment petitions
 94-2  Judge as member - Board of Governors - Medical Center
 94-3  Recusal - Spouse of judge employed by Department of Natural Resources
 94-4  Judge as member - Advisory board - Juvenile Detention Center
 94-5  Judge publicly advocating signing petition to ban gill netting
 94-6  Judge using travel agency owned by spouse to arrange official travel
 94-7  Fees earned prior to assuming the bench
 94-8  5; 7A  Traffic Magistrate - Board of Directors - Loan association
 94-9  Judges meeting with citizens group to discuss criminal activities
 94-10  7  Recusal - former opponent practicing before judge
 94-11  Judge as member - Community foundation
 94-12  5C; 4  Gifts - judge accepting retirement gift
 94-13  Judge as member - Civil rights committee - Anti-defamation league
 94-14  Judge expressing opinion regarding pending legislation
 94-15  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Police Officers trust - Trustee - Stetson College
 94-16  7B(1)(a)  Judicial candidate - campaign conduct
 94-17  Traffic Magistrate - conflict - full time statewide prosecutor
 94-18  5C(4)(b)  Gifts - Reporting of bequests or gifts from estate
 94-19  5G  Judge as member - Commission on Alcohol and Tobacco
 94-20  Judicial candidate - activities before formal announcement of candidacy
 94-21  Spouse of judge - political activities of spouse
 94-22  Judge soliciting sponsors for radio program
 94-23  Judicial candidate - resignation from Nominating Council for Florida Public Service Commission
 94-24  7B(3)  Judicial candidate - mailing press releases to news media
 94-25  Judge commending court personnel involved in high profile trial
 94-26  Judicial candidate - expression of opinion on death penalty
 94-27  7(1)(b)  Judge speaking before partisan political committee - United We Stand
 94-28  Recusal - Chief Assistant State Attorney is opponent
 94-29  Judge appearing in car commercial
 94-30  3B, 4C, 5B   Fund raising for public school education project
 94-31  4C, 5B  Fundraising by Judge/member - Juvenile Justice Board
 94-32  2A, 3C, 5B  Judge as member - Battered Women's clemency Project
 94-33  5B  Fundraising by Judge/member - Domestic Violence Task Force
 94-34  7B  Judicial Candidate Questionnaire
 94-35  7B  Judicial Candidate - Campaign televison advertisements
 94-36  2, 5B  Pavilion named in honor of sitting judge
 94-37  Judge inheriting business co-owned by convicted felon
 94-38  2A, 5B  Judge as member - Domestic Violence Task Force
 94-39  2B Character Reference Letters - Clarification of Opinions 79-3 and 82-15 
 94-40  2  Judge as witness - Testimony before medical disciplinary board
 94-41  5B  Judge as member - President of Parent-Teacher Association
 94-42  7A  Non-candidate judge attending political functions for another judicial candidate
 94-43  5B(1)  Judge as member - Leaseholder association
 94-44  7  Judge as member - Local Bar association
 94-45  2B  Character reference letters
 94-46  3B(3)  Judge presiding over matter known to be the product of the unlicensed practice of law
 94-47  2C  Judge as member - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
 94-48  3D  Retired judge - accepting jury assignment to dissolve law practice