Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 93-1  2B;4C;5B(2)  Letter of support for high school pre- law magnet program
93-2  5D  Judge as fiduciary - Co-trustee - charitable trust
 93-3  Retired judge - Compliance with Code of Conduct
 93-4  2A; 4C; 5B  Judge as member - Local trial lawyers association
 93-5  4C  Judge as member - American Bar Association
 93-6  2A  Retired judge - Mediator - Compliance with Code of Conduct
 93-7  Judge as speaker - Partisan political group
 93-8  5F  Judge distributing of "Pro-se pointers" brochure from office
 93-9  2; 5F  Judge as paid consultant for former law firm
 93-10  3C  Disqualification - Spouse is court reporter
 93-11  1; 2  Judicial candidate - Request by nominating committee that all candidates complete psychological test
receded from in
Op. 03-10
 5C(4)(c)  Gifts - Acceptance of golf fees (receded from in Op. 03-10)
 93-13  7A(4)  Judicial candidate - Speech before political group
 93-14  2A; 5F  Application of proposed pro bono rules to judiciary
 93-15  2B, 3C  Disqualification - Spouse of judge is bank officer
 93-16  3C  Disqualification - matters involving attorney who was campaign worker
 93-17  3C  Disqualification - matters involving attorney who represented judge
 93-18  3C  Disqualification - Traffic Magistrate - spouse is deputy sheriff
 93-19  3C  Disqualification - law firm represented judge
 93-20  5G  Judge as member - Police sergeant promotion committee
 93-21  3C(1), 3C(3)  Disqualification - Attorney's child is judge's Godchild
 93-22  2B, 5B  Judge as member - Group to promote positive intergroup relations
 93-23  4C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - DUI Countermeasure program
 93-24  2B; 5  Judge participating as beauty contest judge
receded from in Op. 2010-25
 3C(1)  Disqualification - pension fund ownership of stocks/bonds
 93-26  Traffic Magistrate - limitation on practice of law in DUI courts
 93-27  3C  Disqualification- judge and attorney own condominium
 93-28  Traffic Magistrate - Law partner practicing in the criminal traffic division
 93-29  2A; 3B(2); 5B(2)  Chief judge - fund raising activities of court programs under supervision of chief judge
 93-30  2A  Use of badge as a form of identification
 93-31  3B(3)  Testimony of judge - response to subpoena
 93-32  2B; 4B  Character reference letters - candidate for Presidential appointment
 93-33  5B  Judge as member - local land trust
 93-34  2B  Advertisement containing judges' endorsement of out of state vacation property
 93-35  Traffic Magistrate - practice of law in traffic courts
 93-36  Traffic Magistrate - practice of law in traffic courts
 93-37  Traffic Magistrate - practice of law in traffic courts
 93-38  5C(1)  Compensation from former law firm
 93-39  4B,C; 5B(2),G  Judge as member - county advisory board
 93-40  5B  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Mental Health Center
 93-41  3C  Disqualification - spouse is secretary for law enforcement agency
 93-42  5C  Judge as member - committee which will screen military academy applicants
 93-43  4C;5B  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Step Program
 93-44  3  Temporary assignment as judge in another state
 93-45  7  Political activities by judicial law clerks
 93-46  4C; 5G  Judge as member - Children's Advisory Board
 93-47  3C; 7B  Disqualification - Judicial Candidate - Assistant Public Defender has announced he will oppose judge
 93-48  3C; 5C(1); 6  Judge as member - limited partnership
 93-49  5C  Lease of office building
 93-50  Judge as member - Dade County County Women's Political Caucus
 93-51  Recusal - Spouse of judge is Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services managing attorney
 93-52  Disclosure - Judge is co-author of CLE chapter regarding DUI trials
 93-53  2  Appointment of friend/accountant as receiver
 93-54  4  Judge as speaker - Estate of Planning Council
 93-55  Recusal - Judge in murder trial was aquainted with victim
receded from in
Op. 99-02
 Recusal - Judge is social friends with attorney (receded from in Op. 99-02)
 93-57  Judge as volunteer flight instructor for attorney
 93-58  Judge-Committee Chairman - Representation by county attorney
 93-59  Reference letter - Judge documenting fact that student worked on judge's election campaign
 93-60  Judge referring convicted DUI offenders to Victim Impact Panel session and Alcoholics Anonymous
 93-61  Judge as member - Honorary Board of Directors
 93-62  Judicial candidate- Attendance at re-election reception sponsored by attorneys
 93-63  Senior judge - Advertising certification as mediator
 93-64  Judge publicly advocating handgun control
receded from in
Op. 00-17
 Judge participating in fund-raising fashion show (receded from in Op. 00-17)
 93-66  Judge as member - Advisory Council of Women's Business Development Center
 93-67  5C (4)  Gifts - Judge accepting Christmas gifts from tenants