Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 86-1  5C  Sale of real property by judge to county in which judge presides
 86-2  7A(1)(b);2A  Judge communicating with Judicial Nominating Commission
 86-3  7C;2B,5B(1)  Retired judge - protesting rezoning of real property
 86-4  5D  Judge as member - Director - sole surviving director of dissolved corporation
 86-5  5B(2)  Judge attending and speaking at fund raising event
 86-6  3C; 5B(1)  Judge as member - Honorary Chair - SADD
 86-7  5C(1)  Judicial candidate - fees earned prior to becoming judge - agreement with partners
 86-8  4C  Judge as member - Board of Directors - DUI countermeasures program
 86-9    Disqualification - cases involving attorney who represented judge in concluded personal injury lawsuit
 86-10  2B  Judge appearing to testify on behalf of suspended attorney
 86-11  5C(2)  Judge as member - Board of Directors- closely held family corporation
 86-12  7  Judge attending meeting to honor legislative delegation
 86-13  5B(1),(2)  Judge as member - Board of Directors - The Haven, In.
 86-14  5B(2)  Judge soliciting pledges for public radio station
 86-15  4C; 5B(2)  Judge as speaker - bond issue - construction of criminal justice facility
 86-16  5B(1),(2),(4)  Judge as member - Board of Trustees - Legal Aid Society