Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 82-1  5E  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Non-profit mediation corporation
 82-2    Judge accepting prize
82-3  7A(4)  Judge as member - President - Forum Club
 82-4  5D  Judge as fiduciary - Trustee - Land trust
 82-5  4C  Judge as author - Privately published book
 82-6  6A  Judge speaking on landlord tenant law
 82-7    Acceptance of fees earned prior to election to bench
 82-8  2A, 7A  Judge soliciting attorney to oppose sitting judge in election
 82-9  3A  Judge communicating with Appellate Court regarding his decision pending on appeal
 82-10    Judicial Candidate - Acceptance of unsolicited campaign contributions
 82-11  4C, 5B  Judge as member - Municipal charter review commission
 82-12  5C  Disqualification - Cases involving firm which employs attorney/investment partner of judge
 82-13  3B  Judge appointing family member as guardian ad litem and receiver
 82-14  5C  Disqualification - Judge and attorney are co-owners of land
 82-15  2B  Character reference letter - Unsolicited communication with Board of Bar Examiners and Parole and Probation Commission
 82-16    Judge as member - Board of Directors - Holocaust Resource Education Center
 82-17    Recusal - Cases involving law firm which employs son
 82-18  5B  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)