Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges




 81-1 Recedes from Op 78-20    Spouse of Judge - Employment with attorney who regularly appears before judge
 81-2    Judge owning partnership interest in undeveloped land
 81-3    Judge teaching business law at university level
 81-4    Judge as member - Historical Commission; Fundraising - Name of Judge on letterhead used to solicit donations
 81-5  5  Judge as resident agent for ancillary estate
 81-6    Judge as member - Florida Parole and Probation Qualification Committee
 81-7  5B  Judge as member - Village association; Board of Directors - Townhouse association
 81-8  5C  Judge using official stationery in making complaints to businesses
 81-9    Spouse of Judge - Employment with official court reporter used by judge
 81-10  5B  Judge as member - Board of Directors - Condominium association
 81-11  5C  Judge receiving share of legal fees earned prior to assuming bench; Receiving rental income from properties co-owned with former law partners
 81-12  4  Judge as speaker - Television appearance - Comment upon judge's bail bond policy