Opinions of the Committee on
Standards of Conduct Governing Judges



receded from in
Op. 03-21
   Judge as member - Board of Trustees - Community College; Board of Directors - Teaching hospital (receded from in Op. 03-21)
 80-2    Judge as member - Salvation Army Advisory Board
 80-3    Recusal - Industrial Claims Judge - Claims against Department of Labor and Employment Security
 80-4    Use of photograph of judge in promotional brochure published by college
 80-5    Child of judge - Summer employment with State Attorney's office
 80-6    Child of judge - Summer employment with Clerk of Court's office
 80-7    Judge owning stock in business controlled by spouse; Use of travel agency owned by wife to book business travel
 80-8    Judge as member - American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
 80-9  7B(2)  Judicial Candidate - Campaign contributions from professional association and individuals within the association
 80-10    Judicial Candidate - Former judge - Use of photograph in campaign literature
 80-11    Judicial Candidate - Membership in partisan political committees during campaign
 80-12    Judge as author of book review on U.S. Supreme Court
 80-13  7B(1)  Judicial Candidate - Responding to questionnaire on current disputed legal issues
 80-14  4, 5  Judge writing letter to editor to rebut a published editorial
 80-15    Judge as moderator for television interview of candidates for superintendent of schools
 80-16    Judge writing letter to Florida Supreme Court regarding The Florida Bar dues