Opinions of the Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee



2B, 7, 7A(1)(b)

Whether it is permissible for a judge to be a member of a voluntary bar association that endorses a particular candidate for appointment to public office.

2, 2A; 2B; 3E(1); 3F; 5A; 5C(3)(a)

May a magistrate, judge and hearing officer continue to serve on the board of an organization given that there is a lawyer on the board who is a partner in a firm that regularly appears before the magistrate on child support cases?

2B, 5A, 5B, 5C(1)

1. May a judge write an advocacy article for publication in support of proposed state legislation prohibiting the use of seclusion and restraints as behavior modification tools for public school students who have autism or are on the autism spectrum?

2. May the author be identified as a judge if writing the article is ethically permissible?


May a judge appear in a video to be shown by the Clerk of the Circuit Court that is to be shown at an upcoming conference where the Clerk will assume the chairmanship of the statewide clerks’ association?

2A, 2B, 5C, 5E, 5F, and 6A

Whether it is permissible for a senior judge to act as a compensated expert witness in a matter pending in a county other than the one the judge is currently eligible to preside?


May an active senior judge also serve on a city’s ethics commission?

2A, Canon 7A(2), Commentary to 2A

1. Does the Code of Judicial Conduct require a general magistrate to resign or not remain in that position, if the magistrate becomes a candidate for a judicial seat?

2. Does the fact that the general magistrate will continue to act in the capacity of a magistrate create an appearance of impropriety prohibited by the Code of Judicial Conduct?

3C(2), 5E(1)

May a judge be named as a trustee of a friend’s trust, if the judge would not be required to serve until a later date?

4B and Commentary to Canon 4B

May a judge appear in a video sponsored by a local bar foundation which outlines the services provided by and through the local legal aid society and another pro-bono legal services organization?