Opinion 75-22
August 4, 1975

Re: Canon 2B

Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct

Dear Judge

In your inquiry you state that a Parole and Probation Officer requested information from you concerning an attorney with whom you had had a great deal of experience. Further, this information was requested on behalf of a Circuit Judge to be considered by him for the purpose of sentencing an attorney in a contempt matter. You question the propriety-of furnishing this information to the official.

With one member recusing himself, the Committee is of the opinion that the furnishing of information pursuant to a request by a Florida Parole and Probation Officer, under the auspices of a judicial officer is permissible, and is not considered as "testifying voluntarily as a character witness" within the meaning of Canon 2B, Code of Judicial Conduct

Your inquiry presents a different question than that involved.in our opinion to Honorable dated March 27, l975.

We trust the above may be of some help to you.

Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct.


cc: All members