Opinion 75-21
July 15, 1975

Re: Canon 7

Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct

Dear Judge

Reference is made to your inquiry of June 16, 1975, as to the propriety of your joining the "Bull Snort Forum, Inc."

Seven of the ten members have responded to your inquiry. Each agrees that.so long as this club is not engaged in political activities for the political advantage of a person or party, you may, under the Code of Judicial Conduct, ethically become a member of the club. However, one member observed that being a member of a club with a motto of "politics for the sake of politics" would be like skating on thin ice.

That is, it would require constant attention so as not to be placed in a partisan position by the club, and thus inadvertently violate Canon 7, or-Section 105.071 FSA.

With warm personal regards, I am

/s/ GUNTER STEPHENSON, as Chairman
Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct

G S : j s s

cc: all members