Receded from in Opinion 01-09

Opinion 75-11
April 29, 1975

Re: Canon 2
Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct

Dear Judge

In your letter of March 28, 1975, you request an opinion as to whether the use of your home for the purpose of holding a "garage sale" for the benefit of a worthy charity could be construed as lending your name and, I add, prestige of your office for the solicitation of funds?

The Committee finds no impropriety, per se, in having a garage sale at your house. However, out of an abundance of precaution, it is suggested that the news releases or other publicity, list the name as, "Mr. and Mrs. " and the home address, no reference being made to Judge. .

This may appear to be a narrow, restrictive, and somewhat unrealistic interpretation, however, by this procedure, you avoid any reasonable suggestion of impropriety.

May I assure you that your inquiry was not a burden, and that the Committee welcomes inquiries from the judiciary.

With kind regards, I am

/s/ GUNTER STEPHENSON, as Chairman
Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct


cc: All committee members