April 4, 1994

(Opinion 94-15
(Service on Board of Overseers
(of Stetson College.
(Members of Board of Directors of
(Police Officer Assistant Trust


RE: Committee on Standards of Conduct Governing Judges
Your inquiry dated February 22, 1994

Dear Judge

You have requested an opinion from our members concerning your service on the Board of Overseers of Stetson College of Law and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Police Officer Assistant Trust, Inc.

All of our Committee members find that there is not ethical prohibition against your serving as a member of the Board of Overseers of Stetson College. You should not give legal advice to that organization.

All of our members except two find that it would be improper to be on the Board of Directors of the Police Officers Assistant Trust. Two members feel that you did not furnish enough information concerning what your role would be as a director of the Police Assistant Trust, Inc. A majority of our members, however, feel that the title of the organization would identify it to be a prosecution oriented group and for a judge to be a member would be in conflict with the neutrality required of judges.

The committee is expressly charged with rendering advisory opinions interpreting the application of the Code of Judicial Conduct to specific circumstances confronting or affecting a judge or judicial candidate. Its opinions are advisory to the inquiring party, to the Judicial Qualifications Commission and to the judiciary at large. Conduct that is consistent with an advisory opinion issued by the committee may be evidence of good faith on the part of the judge, but the Judicial Qualifications Commission is not bound by the interpretive opinions issued by the committee. Petition of the Committee on Standards of Conduct for Judges, 327 So.2d 5 (Fla.1976).

Very truly yours,


Nath C. Doughtie, Chairman
Committee on Standards of Conduct Governing Judges


cc: All Committee Members
Office of the Courts Administrator (name of judge deleted from this copy)

Participating members: Judges Dell, Doughtie, Farina , Goldstein, Green, Kahn, Patterson , Rushing, Taylor, Tolton and Edwards, Esq.