May 13, 1986

Opinion 86/9

You inquire as to whether you may begin hearing cases in which attorneys have an interest who recently represented you and your family in a personal injury action. The matter about which you and your family were represented has been concluded.

All members of the committee unanimously agree that you are not prohibited from hearing cases which involve the attorneys who have recently represented you and your family. As a practical matter, the members are unanimous in their recommendation that you allow several months to lapse before resuming the handling of such cases. One member believes you should wait at least six months.

None of the members are prepared to say that this delay is required by the Canons; however, the lapse of time will lessen the chance that some displeased litigant will ascribe his loss to your past attorney/client relationship with opposing counsel. The committee does not believe you need concern yourself about disclosure especially after the lapse of a reasonable period of time.

With regards,


Oliver L. Green, Jr.