Opinion 82-05

April 1, 1982

Dear Judge:

This is in response to your inquiry of November 24, 1981. You are privately publishing a book, the purpose of which is to teach parents to teach their children the consequences of crime. The book is to be privately published. Your first question is to the propriety of the publication. Of the seven members responding to the inquiry, all were unanimous this action is specifically authorized by Canon 4C.

Your second question relates to the propriety of identifying yourself as a Circuit Court Judge who has considerable experience in criminal and juvenile matters. This would be done on the inside Title page in a short biographical sketch. All members responding were of the opinion this matter is controlled by our opinion 76-17. There we held that a Judge who authorized (sic) an appellate procedure manual could identify himself as a Supreme Court Justice, because it was necessary to do so in order that prospective purchasers could determine if the Author was rightfully qualified to write on the subject.

It is therefore the unanimous opinion of the committee that it is proper for you to publish this book and to include the short biographical sketch.

Yours truly,

James T. Carlisle, Chairman
Committee on Standards of Conduct Governing Judges