Administrative Orders


Administrative Order Number

Rescinded by Administrative Order Number
PA/PI-CTY-96-7 11/26/96 Florida Clean Indoor Air Act  
PA/PI-CIR-96-43 3/18/96 Family Law Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PI-CIR-96-50 5/1/96 Guardian ad Litem Juvenile Delinquency Section 2008-087
PI-CIR-96-56 6/10/96 Mass Motion and Hearing Calendars Civil Proceedings 2012-064
PA/PI-CIR-96-61 6/28/96 Interpreters for the Hearing Impaired - Code of Ethics 2012-013
PA/PI-CIR-96-62 6/27/96 Arbitrators  
PA/PI-CIR-96-63 6/27/96 Arbitration and Mediation Program Circuit Civil and Family Cases  
PA/PI-CIR-96-64 6/27/96 Medical Malpractice Arbitrators  
PA/PI-CIR-96-72 7/25/96 Court Records  
PA/PI-CIR-96-80 9/4/96 Juvenile Division - Rescinding Various Orders  
PA/PI-CIR-96-87 9/19/96 Court Costs   2008-087
PA/PI-CIR-96-89 9/19/96 Circuit Court Sections Civil and Criminal Divisions  
PI-CIR-96-92 10/14/96 Uniform Mileage Schedule  
PA/PI-CIR-96-95 11/26/96 Requests for Documents from Sealed Criminal Files Pursuant to Section 943.059(4)(a), Florida Statutes  
PA/PI-CIR-96-103 12/13/96 Unified Budget 2006-114
PA/PI-CIR-96-105 12/23/96 Additional Filing Fees in Medical Negligence Cases  
PA-CTY-96-06 3/12/96 Jail Overcrowding 2013-086
PA-CIR-96-18 7/2/96 Sealing of Confidential Documents   2006-114

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