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Rule of Judicial Administration 2.050 requires the Chief Judge to establish an administrative plan for the efficient and proper administration of all courts within the circuit.  The Chief Justice has requested that the administrative plan for the circuit be adopted by Administrative Order.  Accordingly, it is




1.                            The administrative plan for the operation of the Sixth Judicial Circuit is reflected in the Local Rules of the Sixth Judicial Circuit approved by the Supreme Court and in Administrative Orders issued by the Chief Judge.


2.                            In order to provide for the prompt dispatch of cases, cases are assigned to divisions as established in Local Rule 1.


3.                            In order to provide for the assignment of judges, the Chief Judge, on a periodic basis reviews judicial assignments.  Judicial assignments are made by separate Administrative Order.  The assignment of judges is done in a manner that, to the extent the needs of the circuit allow, the capabilities of the judges are developed so that each judge will eventually be qualified to serve in any division.  The Summary Reporting System data regarding trends in case filings, along with other factors are considered in determining whether to create a new section within a division.


4.                            In order to provide for the assignment of other court officers and executive assistants, this circuit is organized into an Administrative Office of the Courts, with the Court Administrator selected in accordance with Rule of Judicial Administration 2.050(d); a Court Counsel’s Office, with the Court Counsel selected by the Chief Judge; and each judge having control over the selection and retention of a judicial assistant.


5.                            In order to provide for the control of dockets, the Clerk of Court in Pasco County and the Clerk of Court in Pinellas County provide periodic reports on the status of pending cases to the section judges and either the Pasco Administrative Judge or the Chief Judge.


6.                            In order to provide for the regulation of courtrooms, the Chief Judge has designated, in separate Administrative Orders, a facility coordinator for each facility in the circuit.  The facility coordinator is responsible for regulating the use of courtrooms in that facility.


7.                            In order to provide for mandatory periodic review of the status of inmates in the county jail, the Sheriff of each county has been directed to immediately bring to the court’s attention any concerns about the status of an inmate and in addition may bring such matters to advisories which are held every day.



    DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, this _____ day of January 2006.




                                                                                        David A. Demers, Chief Judge


cc:        All Judges

            The Honorable Bernie McCabe, State Attorney

            The Honorable Robert H. Dillinger, Public Defender

            The Honorable Ken Burke, Clerk of Court, Pinellas County

            The Honorable Jed Pittman, Clerk of Court, Pasco County

            The Honorable Jim Coats, Sheriff, Pinellas County

            The Honorable Bob White, Sheriff, Pasco County

            Carol Heath, Court Services Division, Pinellas County Clerk’s Office

            Betty Henderson, Assistant Court Services Director, Pasco County Clerk’s Office

            Gay Inskeep, Trial Courts Administrator

            Kerry L. Rice, Deputy Courts Administrator, Pasco County

            Bar Associations, Pasco and Pinellas Counties

            Law Libraries, Pasco and Pinellas Counties