In order to provide for the efficient administration of this circuit, in and for Pasco County and in accordance with Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.050(e)(3), it is

The following administrative orders are hereby rescinded:

1. Judicial Assignments
All Pasco Judicial Assignments for the years prior to 1997.
All memoranda or orders regarding Judicial Assignments and/or Rotation, orders setting jury trial weeks for the years prior to 1997 in Pasco County.
All memoranda or orders regarding assignment of offices, chambers, courtrooms, and specific parking spaces for judges for the years prior to 1997.

2. Acting Administrative Judge Assignments
All administrative orders appointing an Acting Administrative Judge or visiting judge assignments in Pasco County for the years prior to 1999.

3. Temporary Judicial Assignments
All orders temporarily appointing a judge to hear, try and consider a case in another court, during Advisory and First Appearance Hearings that were entered for the years prior to 1997.

4. Florida Bar Referees

PA/PI-CIR-97-73, 97-79, 98-75, 99-02, 99-27, 99-31

5. Certified Process Servers

82-12 Appointment of Process Servers
82-65 Process Servers
84-34 Process Servers
84-35 Process Servers
87-83 Process Servers
87-113 Process Servers
87-128 Process Servers
88-124 Process Servers
89-9 Process Servers

All other administrative orders regarding the appointment or removal of certified process servers in Pasco County, including process servers for the Housing Authority.

6. Administrative and Procedural

74-2 Administrative Responsibilities
74-6 Pasco County Law Library
75-1 Bailiffs' Apparel
75-7 Psychiatric Evaluations
75-12 Judicial Assignments
75-13 Payment from Accounts
75-45 Pasco County Administrative Judge Duties
76-2 Return of Clerk Records
76-6 Administrative Order Governing the Abolition of the Municipal Court of the City of Dade City and Transfer of its Jurisdiction to the County Court of Pasco County, Florida. effective October 1, 1976.
76-72 Judicial Assignments and Designations
76-73 Writs of Garnishment
77-4 Procedure with Respect to Setting Trial Weeks in Circuit and County Courts - Both East and West Pasco
77-13 Setting of Special Public Defender Fees, Doctor and Psychiatric Consultant Fees
78-1 Filing of Documents, Papers & Pleadings, Courthouse Annex, New Port Richey
82-4 Judicially Approved Clothing Attire for Clerks and Court Reporters in Pasco County
83-41 Court Appointed Attorneys
84-13 Order of Reassignment of Cases in which Judge W. Lowell Bray, Jr. has recused himself
84-14 Jury Trial Weeks
84-23 Order Rescinding AO 84-23 Judicial Coordinators
84-75 Exemptions from Public Records
86-22 Time Standard Case Review
86-23 Time Standard
87-22 Reassignment/Rescission of AO 87-21
89-94 Witness Appear Report
98-94 Amended Witness Appear Report
89-108 Canvassing Board
90-65 Mandatory Retention
92-63 County Court Appeals Division
94-12 Motion to Tax Costs
95-32 West Pasco Court Shut Down
Unnumbered To the Clerk of Circuit Court, dated January 11, 1972
Unnumbered To Members of the Bar Practicing Before the Courts of Pinellas and Pasco Counties, dated January 11, 1972
Unnumbered Implementing Requirements of Amendments to Article V, dated May 11, 1972
Unnumbered Court Facilities, dated October 1, 1972
Unnumbered Pasco Administrative Rule Governing Operation of the County Court of Pasco County, Florida, dated November 30, 1972.
Unnumbered Dismissal of Cases filed prior to 1971, dated June 5, 1973
Unnumbered Division of East Pasco felony cases and West Pasco felony cases, dated September 6, 1973???
Unnumbered Authorized Clerk to Accept Checks, dated September 17, 1973
Unnumbered Order Closing Cases Under Transition 14 of the Supreme Court of Florida, dated October 3, 1975
Unnumbered Order of Assignment, dated March 4, 1976
Unnumbered Facsimile Signature of Judge, dated January 4, 1978
Unnumbered Issuance of Marriage Licenses, dated September 27, 1983
Unnumbered Scheduling of Court Cases and Procedures
Unnumbered Court Cases - Procedures, dated September 12, 1985
Unnumbered Order of Reassignment, dated January 18, 1989

7. Civil

75-10 Unseal Files to check Vital Statistics
75-54 Medical Malpractice Reform Act of 1975
75-54 (Corrected)
77-2 Entry of Defaults
77-2 (Amended) Defaults
77-8 List of Physicians (Amending 75-54) Chapter 768
77-12 Medical Liability Mediation Panel Appointment
77-14 Medical Liability Mediation Panel Appointment
Unnumbered Contributory Negligence, dated July 12, 1973
Unnumbered Garnishment Proceedings in the Circuit Court, dated December 11, 1974

8. Criminal

Unnumbered Warrants - Marijuana, dated March 1, 1972
Unnumbered Issuance of Capias, dated January 11, 1973
Unnumbered Issuance of Capias, dated January 12, 1973
Unnumbered Order Establishing Pasco County DWI Counter-attack Program, dated August 20, 1973
Unnumbered Arraignment Dates for Felony Cases, dated August 31, 1973
Unnumbered Application of Bonds to Fine & Costs, dated September 14, 1973
Unnumbered Issuance of Capias, dated October 31, 1973
Unnumbered Public Defender Access to the Pasco County Detention Center, dated June 11, 1974.
Unnumbered Public Defender and Special Public Defenders, dated September 22, 1978
Unnumbered Order of Payment, dated October 9, 1979
Unnumbered Order amending Administrative Order 74-7, dated June 18, 1980
Unnumbered Criminal Rule 3.216(a), dated August 18, 1981
Unnumbered Amended Order; Early Release of Inmates, filed January 27, 1986
Unnumbered Special Order - Emergency Procedures for Release of Certain Inmates in Pasco County Jail, dated March 21, 1986
74-1 Transportation of Prisoners
74-3 Public Defender Access to Prisoners
74-7 Pre-Trial Conferences - Criminal Cases, Pasco County, dated September 25, 1974
74-7 Amendment to 74-7-Pre-trial Conferences, dated December 5, 1974
74-9 ROR or Personal Surety Release
74-10 Transportation of Prisoners
75-2 Capias' Signatures - Felonies
75-3 Photography of Judicial Proceedings
75-4 Photography of Judicial Proceedings
75-7 Exhibit Registration
75-8 Photography of Judicial Proceedings
76-43 Criminal Administrator
77-5 Procedures for Issuance and Execution of Arrest Warrants in Pasco County
77-8 Bond Schedule
77-13 Special Public Defender, Doctor and Psychiatric Consultation Fees
77-18 Bail Bond Schedule
79-2 Pasco County Detention Center
79-36 Jail Overcrowding
80-15 Commingling of Prisoners in PAR Jail Treatment Program
81-7 Collection of Fees-Restitution
82-2 Jail Overcrowding
82-3 Jail Overcrowding
82-14 Jail Overcrowding
83-12 Partial Felony Bond Schedule
88-49 Jail Records
88-79 Juveniles Arrested for Criminal Traffic Offenses other than DUI - ROR
88-79 (Amended) Juveniles Arrested on Outstanding Traffic Warrants - ROR
All administrative orders regarding the appointment and payment of court appointed counsel handling non-capital felony, misdemeanor and juvenile delinquency cases in Pasco County entered prior to 1997.

9. Family Law (Including Juvenile)

Unnumbered General Order - Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, dated May 23, 1969
Unnumbered Juvenile Traffic Offenders, dated June 29, 1972
Unnumbered Operation of Juvenile Division, dated January 19, 1973
Unnumbered Juvenile Procedure for West Pasco Only for Delinquent and Second CINS Offenses, dated October 22, 1974.
Unnumbered Juvenile Procedure for West Pasco Only for Delinquent and Second Ungovernable Offenses, dated December 10, 1975.
Unnumbered URESA, dated June 22, 1981
74-5 Transfer of Cases from Adult Division to Juvenile Division - Sealed or Expunged
74-8 Juvenile Procedures for East Pasco and Second CINS Offenses
77-21 Distribution and Collection of Support Payments
77-10 Juvenile Procedures - East Pasco County
81-6 Deposits made into the Registry of Court
81-28 Weekend and Holiday Juvenile Detention Hearings
86-34 Child Support Enforcement
88-36 Domestic Violence Act
88-79 Release of Juveniles on ROR
90-26 Sealing of Juvenile Records upon Imposition of Juvenile Sanctions
90-73 Amended Settlement Agreement - Response to Dissolution of Marriage Petition
92-1 Domestic Violence
92-62 Juvenile Court Records
93-63 Appointment of Special Master
94-12 Motion to Tax Costs for Domestic/Repeat Violence Actions
94-127 Child Support

10. Juries

Unnumbered Selection of Jurors, dated July 6, 1973
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated July 22, 1974
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated January 22, 1975
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated February 24, 1975
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated March 24, 1975
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated April 10, 1975
Unnumbered Jury Excusal, dated June 3, 1975
Unnumbered Prospective Jury Removal, dated October 6, 1975
Unnumbered Jury Removal, dated September 6, 1976
Unnumbered Removal of Prospective Jurors
Unnumbered Jurors Removal, dated February 24, 1977
Unnumbered Juror Removal, dated May 3, 1977
Unnumbered Juror Removal, dated July 15, 1977
Unnumbered Juror Removal, dated November 22, 1977
Unnumbered December 25, 1982 Excusals
75-5 Jury Removal
86-45 Electronic Jury Selection

11. Probate and Guardianship

74-61 Garnishment Proceedings in the Circuit and County Court
77-19 Small Estate Procedures
77-13 Fees
82-1 Fees
87-34 Petition to Determine Competency
89-116 Court Appointed Counsel/Guardianship
89-129 Myers Act
90-65 Retention of Probate Records
Unnumbered Transition Rule 14, dated July 31, 1973
Unnumbered Order Closing Cases Under Transfer Rule 14 of the Supreme Court of Florida, dated October 18, 1973
Unnumbered Order Closing Cases Under Transition Rule 14 of the Supreme Court of Florida, dated October 3, 1975
Unnumbered West Pasco Probate Files, dated January 9, 1976

12. County, Small Claims and Traffic Court

Unnumbered Assignment of Landlord Tenant Cases, dated May 11, 1973
Unnumbered Traffic Administrative Order, dated December 31, 1974
Unnumbered Civil Traffic Infraction also charged with Criminal Infraction, dated April 10, 1985
Unnumbered Defensive Driving School Penalty - Failure to Attend Class, dated February 2, 1987
75-6 Uniform Bond Schedule for Misdemeanor and Traffic Offenses
76-4 Procedure for Dismissal of Citations Pursuant to Section 322.15(2), Florida Statutes
76-7 Procedure for Dismissal of Citations Pursuant to Section 320.06(3), Florida Statutes
76-8 Administrative Order Authorizing An Agreement Between the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the City of Port Richey, Florida for the Collection of Fine monies resulting from violations of parking regulations of the City of Port Richey
77-67 Moving Traffic Offenses
78-28 Driver Improvement Course
82-16 Traffic Infraction Cases
83-20 Small Claims - Travel Expenses
86-39 Dismissal of Fla. Stat. 316.646 Citations
86-44 Traffic Costs
88-11 Authorization for Clerk to Dismiss - F.S. 327.73 and 327.11(5) Violations
88-11 (Amended) - Authorization of $5.00 Fee for Violators of Valid Boat Registration
88-44 Traffic Costs
90-31 Authorization for the Clerk to Dismiss Florida Statutes 370.0605 and 327.73 Violations
92-70 Dismissals of Citations for Violations of Section 316.646(1)

DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida this 20th day of July, 2000.

Susan F. Schaeffer, Chief Judge