Opinion 75-19
June 13, 1975

Re: Canon 5C(2)
Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct

Dear Judge

Your letter of May 30, 1975, requests an opinion from the Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct as to whether you may, under the Code of Judicial Conduct, accept a co-guardianship co-executor status of a former client.

This cIient, you state, although not related by consanguinity or marriage, considers you "just like a son." Further, you state she lives in another county and her estate consists of stocks, bonds, and a home.

A majority of the Committee, without dissent, are of the opinion that under the Code, it is impermissible for you to serve as co-guardian of the estate mentioned in your letter. Further it would be improper under the Code for you.to qualify as a co-executor of said estate.

The Committee further advises that its opinions to Judges would preclude you from serving in either capacity indicated in your letter of May 30, 1975.

With kind personal regards, I am

/s/ GUNTER STEPHENSON, as Chairman
Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct

GS: jss

cc: All members