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The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has discontinued the use of the supervised release on recognizance program.  In order to amend the uniform bond schedule to incorporate this change,




Administrative Order 2008-062 PA/PI-CIR is amended to read:




For offenses added to the statutes subsequent to the date of this Order, these ranges of bonds will be used for the new offenses, unless otherwise provided in a subsequent administrative order.  


Bond Range Schedule for Felonies, Misdemeanors, Criminal Traffic, and Arrested Municipal Ordinance Violations in Pasco County Only


 Category of Crime

 Low Bond

High Bond 

Recommended Bond


 Capital Felony





 Life Felony
*Exception – See Below





 1st Degree Felony (P. B. Life)

*Exception – See Below





 Other Exception
2nd Degree Murder §782.04(2), (3), Fla. Stat.





 1st Degree Felony (other than P. B. Life)
*Exception - See Below





 2nd Degree Felony

*Exception - See Below








2nd Degree Felony

Eligible if specified on Attachment A











 3rd Degree Felony
*Exception - See Below













3rd Degree Felony

Eligible if specified on Attachment A









 1st Degree Misdemeanor
*Exception - See Below






 Other Exceptions **





DUI or BUI- Property Damage

1st or 2nd offense
§316.193(3)(c)1, or §327.35(3)(c)1, Fla. Stat.





DUI or BUI- Property Damage

3rd offense

§316.193(3)(c)1, or

§327.35(3)(c)1, Fla. Stat.





  Failure to Appear (FTA)  

  §843.15(1)(b), Fla. Stat.





   Prostitution offenses, 2nd and

   subsequent offense §796.07,

   Fla. Stat.







 2nd Degree Misdemeanor
*Exception - See Below






 Other Exceptions





Disorderly Intoxication §856.011, Fla. Stat.






 Criminal Traffic









 Exceptions **





 DUI or BUI- No Property Damage

 1st or 2nd offense
 §316.193(2)(a) or  §327.35(2)(a),

  Fla. Stat.







           DUI or BUI- No Property Damage

3rd offense

§316.193(2)(a) or

§327.35(2)(a), Fla. Stat.






 Municipal Ordinance 








*  Exceptions:  

  • For capital crimes the bond is automatically "none."
  • The defendant is to be held with no bond until his or her first appearance hearing before the judge for the following: 
    • Domestic violence as defined by §741.28, Florida Statutes,
    • Non-domestic stalking (§784.048(2), Florida Statutes),
    • Any violation of a domestic violence injunction (§741.30(9)(b), Florida Statutes),
    • Any violation of an injunction for dating, repeat or sexual violence (§784.046, Florida Statutes),
    • Any violation of pretrial release where the original arrest was for an act of domestic violence (§741.29(6), Florida Statutes),
    • Any arrest where the crime charged is a violation of chapter 874 or alleged to be subject to enhanced punishment under chapter 874, or
    • Any arrest for burglary (§810.02, Florida Statutes) during a state of emergency in the county.

The judge can then set bond for the defendant at first appearance, using this uniform bond schedule as a guide.  


** Exceptions:  For DUI and BUI, pursuant to section 316.193(9) and 327.35(8), Florida Statutes, the defendant is to be held until the person’s blood-alcohol level or breath is 0.05 or 8 hours have elapsed from the time the person was arrested. 


***  Attachment A is a list of eligible second and third degree felonies.


All other terms and conditions of Administrative Order 2008-062 PA/PI-CIR remain in full force and effect in Pinellas County .  Administrative Order 2008-062 PA/PI-CIR is rescinded for Pasco County .


DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida,
this ____ day of April 2009.





                                                                                    Robert J. Morris, Jr.

                                                                                    Chief Judge

Copies to:

All Judges

The Honorable Bernie McCabe

The Honorable Bob Dillinger

The Honorable Bob White, Sheriff Pasco County

The Honorable Paul O’Neil, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pasco County

Jackson Flyte , Regional Counsel

Suzanne M. Mucklow, Executive Director, Pinellas County Clerk’s Office

All Pasco local law enforcement agencies

Gay L. Inskeep, Trial Courts Administrator

Pinellas and Pasco Law Libraries



Eligible Third Degree Felonies


24.118(3)(a)    Counterfeit or altered lottery ticket


212.054(2)(b)  Discretionary sales surtax


212.15(2)(b)    Failure to remit sales taxes


316.066(6)(b)-(d) Unlawfully obtaining or using confidential crash reports


319.30(4)         Possession by junkyard of vehicle with plate removed


319.30(5)         Sell, exchange, or give certificate of title or plate


319.33(1)(a)    Alter or forge certificate of title to motor vehicle


319.33(1)(c)    Procure or pass title to stolen vehicle


319.33(4)         Possess or sell unlawfully obtained title


319.35(1)(a)    Tamper or adjust odometer


320.26(1)(a)    Counterfeit, manufacture, or sell license plates


322.212(1)(a)-(c) Possession of forged, stolen, counterfeit driver’s license


322.212(4)       Supply unauthorized driver’s license


322.212(5)(a)  False application for driver’s license


322.34(6)         Careless driving with suspended license


328.05(2)         Possess, sell, etc. counterfeit title to vessels


328.07(4)         Manufacture or sell vessel with wrong ID number


370.12(1)(e)3, 4 Possession of marine turtle eggs


370.12(1)(e)5  Molesting marine turtles or eggs


370.12(1)(e)6  Soliciting or conspiring to commit violation of Marine Turtle Protection Act


376.302(5)       Fraud re: Inland Protection Trust Fund



400.905(1)       Operating clinic without license


403.413(5)(c)  Dumping waste litter – more than 500 lbs


409.920(2)       Medicaid provider fraud


414.39(2)         Unauthorized use, forgery, alteration of food stamps or Medicaid ID


414.39(3)(a)    Fraudulent misappropriation of public assistance funds


443.071(1)       False statement to obtain unemployment benefits


440.105(3)(b)  Receipt of fee without approval of judge – compensation claims


440.1051(3)     False report of workers compensation fraud or retaliation


456.065(2)(d)1 Practicing a health care profession without license

458.327(1)       Practicing medicine without a license


459.013(1)       Practicing osteopathic medicine without license


460.411(1)       Practicing chiropractic medicine without license
461.012(1)       Practicing podiatric medicine without license
462.17             Practicing naturopathy without a license

463.015(1)       Practicing optometry without a license

464.016(1)       Practicing nursing without a license

465.015(2)       Practicing pharmacy without a license

466.026(1)       Practicing dentistry without license

467.201           Practicing midwifery without a license

468.366           Delivering respiratory care services without license

483.828(1)       Practicing as clinical laboratory personnel without license

483.901(9)       Practicing medical physics without a license

484.013(1)(c)  Preparing or dispensing optical devices without prescription
484.053           Dispensing hearing aids without a license


499.0051(1)     Failure to maintain or deliver pedigree papers

499.0051(2)     Failure to authenticate pedigree papers

509.151(1)       Defraud an innkeeper


517.07             Registration of securities and furnishing prospectus


517.302(1)       Violation of Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act


560.123(8)(b)1 Failure to report currency or payment instruments

560.125(5)(a)  Money transmitter business by unauthorized person


562.27(1)         Possess still or apparatus


624.401(4)       Transacting insurance without certificate


626.902(1)(a),(b) Representing unauthorized insurer


655.50(10)(b)1 Failure to report financial transactions

713.69             Tenant removes property on which lien has accrued


806.13(1)(b)3  Criminal mischief


810.061(2)       Impairing power to dwelling


810.09(2)(e)    Trespassing – commercial horticulture property


812.014(2)(c)1 Grand theft


812.014(2)(c)2 Grand theft


812.014(3)(c)  Petit theft – 3rd conviction


812.015(7)       Possession of use of anti-shoplifting device countermeasure


812.015(8)       Retail theft


812.081(2)       Unlawfully make reproduction of trade secret


815.04(4)(a)    Offense against intellectual property


817.234(1)(a)2 False statement in support of insurance claim


817.234(8)(b),(c) Unlawful solicitation of persons involved in motor vehicle accidents


817.234(11)(a) Insurance fraud


817.2341(1), (2)(a), (3)(a) Filing false financial statements


817.236           Filing false motor vehicle insurance application


817.2361         Creating false insurance card


817.413(2)       Sale of used goods as new


817.481(3)(a)  Obtain credit or purchase with false or expired credit card


817.505(4)       Patient brokering


817.52(2)         Hiring with intent to defraud


817.52(3)         Failure to redeliver hired vehicle       


817.54             Obtain mortgage by false representation


817.568(2)(a)  Fraudulent use of personal identification information


817.60(5), (6)(a) Dealing in credit cards of another; purchase goods with false card


817.61             Fraudulent use of credit cards


817.625(2)(a)  Fraudulent use of scanning device or reencoder


825.102(3)(c)  Neglect of an elderly person or disabled adult

826.01             Bigamy


826.04             Knowingly marries or has sex with person to whom related


827.03(3)(c)    Neglect of a child

831.01             Forgery


831.02             Uttering forged instrument


831.04(1)         Erasure or alteration of deed, map, plat


831.07             Forging bank bills, drafts, checks, etc.


831.09             Uttering forged notes, bills, checks, drafts


831.11             Bringing into state forged bills, etc.


831.28(2)(a)    Counterfeiting payment instrument


832.041(1)       Stopping payment with intent to defraud


832.05(2)(b), (4)(c) Issuing worthless check or obtaining property in exchange - $150 or more


832.05(3)(a)    Cashing or depositing with intent to defraud


837.02(1)         Perjury in official proceedings

837.021(1)       Make contradictory statements in official proceedings

838.022           Official misconduct

838.15(2)         Commercial bribe receiving


838.16             Commercial bribery


839.13(2)(a)    Falsifying records of an individual in custody of state agency
839.13(2)(c)    Falsifying records of the Department of Children and Family Services


849.01             Keeping gambling house


849.09(1)(a)-(d) Set up or promote lottery


849.23             Gambling related machines


849.25(2)         Engaging in bookmaking


860.15(3)         Overcharging for repairs or parts


893.13(2)(a)2  Purchase of drugs other than cannabis


893.13(2)(a)2, (6)(a) Purchase or possession of cannabis


893.13(6)(a)    Possession of controlled substance other than felony cannabis


893.13(7)(a)8  Withholding information from practitioner regarding receipt of prescription


893.13(7)(a)9  Obtaining controlled substance by fraud


893.13(7)(a)10 Affix false or forged label to package of controlled substance


893.13(7)(a)11 Furnish false information on document or record per chpt. 893


893.147(2)       Manufacture or delivery of drug paraphernalia


896.101(5)(a)  Money laundering


896.104(4)(a)1 Structuring transactions to evade reporting or registration


914.14(2)         Witnesses accepting bribes


918.13(1)(a)    Alter, destroy, or conceal investigation evidence


934.03(1)(a)    Intercepts wire or oral communication

934.215           Use of two-way communications device to commit crime

Eligible Second Degree Felonies


440.10(1)(g)    Failure to obtain workers' compensation coverage


440.105(5)       Unlawful solicitation for the purpose of worker’s comp. claim

440.381(2)       Submission of false information for workers’ comp. claim


456.065(2)(d)2 Practicing a health care profession without license


499.0051(3)     Forgery of pedigree papers

499.0051(4)     Purchase or receipt of legend drug from unauthorized person

560.123(8)(b)2 Failure to report currency or payment instruments

560.125(5)(b)  Money transmitter business by unauthorized person 

624.401(4)(b)2 Transacting insurance without a certificate


626.902(1)(c)  Representing an unauthorized insurer; repeat offender


655.50(10)(b)2 Failure to report financial transactions


812.014(2)(b)1 Grand theft


812.015(9)        Retail theft                           

812.014(2)(b)2, 3 Grand theft 


817.034(4)(a)2 Communications fraud


817.234(11)(b) Insurance fraud


817.234(8)(a)  Solicitation of motor vehicle accident victims, intent to defraud


817.4821(5)     Possess cloning paraphernalia 


817.625(2)(b)  Second or subsequent fraudulent use of scanning device or reencoder

831.29             Possession of instruments for counterfeiting driver’s licenses

837.02(2)         Perjury in official proceedings relating to capital felony 
837.021(2)       Making contradictory statements in proceedings relating to capital felony

838.015           Bribery

838.016           Unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior 

838.22             Bid tampering


893.13(2)(a)1  Purchase of cocaine 


896.104(4)(a)2 Structuring transactions to evade reporting or registration