Opinion 75-12
April 24, 1975

Re: Canon 6A(3); 6B
Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct

Dear Judge

In your letter of April 21, 1975, you state that during 1974, you received funds coming from your former law firm. These funds I assume, were in payment of your former interest in the law firm.

It is my opinion that these funds which were received from your former law firm were 'income' as distinguished from 'compensation' and should be reported under Canon 6 (B).

Under date of February 4, 1975, we advised another judge as follows:

"It is our opinion that Canon 6, draws a distinction between "compensation" and "income" as it relates to public reporting filing with the Clerk, pursuant to Canon 6A3.

Compensation being remuneration for services performed for quasi-judicial and extra-judicial activities such as lecturing, writing, speaking, etc, there is no requirement that "income' be included in the public report.

Income under 6B requires (1) the filing of a financial report with the Judicial Qualifications Commission, your most recent Federal Income Tax Return, and (2) a statement showing the source and amounts of all "income," including gifts and bequests received during the preceding year.

Income in our opinion, would include returns from citrus groves, bonds, and other investments.

The income from your former law firm for your interest therein comes under, "other investments."

I trust I have answered your inquiry.

/s/ GUNTER STEPHENSON, as Chairman
Committee on Standards.of Judicial Conduct