Opinion 75-3
February 11, 1975

Re: Standards of Judicial Conduct
Re: Canon 5F;G

Dear Judge

As an Air Force Reserve Officer serving one day a month with additional annual two weeks training period, you inquire as to the ethical propriety of continuing your reserve participation in the following areas, on the understanding that such participation will not interfere with the proper performance of your duties as a judge:

1. Military justice matters, limited to pre-referral and post trial review of court martial records as to legal sufficiency and preparation of post trial clemency reports.

2. Military affairs, including interpretation of Air Force Regulations, preliminary review of administrative proceedings concerning investigations, administrative discharges, evaluation boards, and post hearing review of such proceedings for legal sufficiency.

3. Lectures on Florida law to professionally qualified Judge Advocate Officers, and not directed to problems of specific clients. On past occasions, members of the Florida Judiciary have lectured on Florida law to Judge Advocate Officers as part of their continuing:legal education program.

4. Administrative duties, including supervisory roles in the administration of military Justice and military affairs.

A majority of the Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct see no conflict or ethical impropriety in continuing your participation in the four areas above specified

Two members suggest that Canon 5 F and G would seem to conflict with the areas described in paragraphs numbered 1 and 2.

We appreciate your inquiry, and trust the foregoing will be of some assistance to you.

Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct


cc: all members