Opinion 73-10
September 17, 1973

Re: Canon 6


I have just received a letter from Richard T. Earl, Jr., Chairman, Florida Judicial Qualifications Committee, relative to your inquiry as to compliance with Chapter 111.011.

As anticipated by Judge........, the Supreme Court in its opinion filed July 25, 1973, on Code of Judicial Conduct, apparently made a definitive statement in this regard:

"We point out that Canon 6 requires the manner and method of filing financial reports. A compliance with Canon 6 supersedes the requirements of any other statute relating to financial reporting, and it will not be necessary for the justices and judges to file reports under any statute since reports are filed under Canon 6."

I think this answers your question; therefore, I am taking the privilege of answering your letter without first clearing it with the special committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct.


Chairman, Committee on Standards of
Judicial Conduct

cc: Committee Standards Judicial Conduct