Opinion 73-2
February 13, 1972

Re: Canon 5B(2)

Re: Activities of Judges
who are Directors of
University of
Law Alumni Association

Dear Judge

Questions submitted by you and on behalf of Judges and were promptly forwarded to the members of on Standards of Judicial Conduct.

It is their unanimous opinion that Question 1, should be answered in the negative; Judges should avoid fundraising activities. Canon 5 B(2).

With one dissenting vote, it is the committee's opinion that the activities outlined in your Questions 2, 3, and 4 relating to activities leading up to campaign solicitation period would be contrary to.the spirit of Canon 5B (2).

A majority of the committee felt that the activities described in your questions 5 and 6, would be consistent with judicial standards.

One member of our committee who is also a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Miami Law Alumni Association, refrained from stating any views on the questions submitted.

With high esteem and warm regards, I am

Chairman Standards of Judicial Conduct