February 25, 1983

Opinion No. 83/1
Use of unexpended campaign funds

Dear Judge

This is in response to your inquiry of January 26th, 1983. You want to know what you can do with unexpended campaign funds.

Of the seven members of the Committee on Standards of Conduct Governing Judges who responded to this inquiry, all advised, pursuant to Opinion No. 77/5, a judge may dispose of unexpended campaign funds consistent with Canon 7B(2), which prohibits their use for the private benefit of himself or members of his family. Additionally, three of the members advised the disposition of unexpended campaign funds are controlled by Sections 106.141(6) and (7), Florida Statutes. Subsection (7)(g) thereof provides a candidate for county or circuit judge may transfer $1500.00 form unexpended funds from the campaign account to an office account. One member suggests you follow the general regulations of the State concerning tuition, travel and per diem in expending these funds.

Yours truly,

James T. Carlisle
Chairman, Committee on Standards
of Conduct Governing Judges