Opinions of the Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee



2A; 4A; 4B; 5A

May a judge who serves in criminal court preside over a mock trial used for educating police officers about court and courtroom procedure?

7A(1) & (3), and commentary

1. May a judge’s parents and brother attend the judge spouse’s public announcement of spouse’s candidacy for elected office?

2. May the judge’s family and children attend and be introduced at the public announcement, as well as campaign events?

3. May judge’s parents and brother attend future fundraising events for spouse’s campaign?

4. May the candidate spouse explain the judge’s absence by conveying that the spouse’s job or profession does not allow spouse to attend or endorse any candidate for office?

2A, 2B, 3E(1), 5A

1. Whether a judge must recuse based on information that an attorney who regularly appears before the judge is “thinking” of running against the judge.

2. Whether the judge may ask the attorney directly whether the attorney intends to run against the judge.

(Election) (Amended)

May a judicial candidate personally solicit voters’ signatures on petition cards to be submitted at qualifying time in lieu of a filing fee?

4A(1)-(6), 4D(2)(a), 4(D)(2)(b)

May the inquiring judge permit a legal aid organization to list the judge as a member of the host committee on an invitation to the organization’s fundraising event?

Preamble to Code of Judicial Conduct, Application Section

May a part-time civil traffic infraction hearing officer be designated “of counsel” to a firm that represents clients in traffic cases in the same county where the hearing officer presides?

5D(5)(a), 5D(5)(h), 6A, 6A(3), 6(B)(2)

1. Do I need to report complimentary attendance at a bar association-related luncheon, dinner, reception, or social event?

2. Do I need to report complimentary attendance at a legal aid, law school, lawyers association, university, high school, community service organization, or similar entity luncheon, dinner, or reception that is devoted to improvement of the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice?

3. Must I report small gifts from bar associations and educational organizations given as a token of appreciation or memento to judges who are speakers/presenters or who advise or judge moot court or mock trial competitions sponsored by the association or organization?

4. Do I have to report the waiver of annual dues to continue to be an active member of the same county bar association that I joined before I became a judge?  Attorneys have to pay annual dues, over $100, to be a member. Judges are not charged any annual dues.

5. Do I have to report honorary bar association memberships?  Some county bar associations charge attorneys annual dues, but include all judges in all courts serving that county in any capacity (county, circuit, district, and supreme court) as honorary members of the association; none of the judges are charged dues. While the automatic inclusion is appreciated, I have not attended any meeting or function of any of those associations.

6. Do I report waiver of annual foreign bar fees or dues?  I am an inactive member of another state or territory’s bar association that charges inactive attorney-members annual fees or dues exceeding $100, but does not charge me or any other judge-members annual dues.

7. Do I have to report complimentary admission to a legal seminar, where non-judges were charged a fee to attend? 

8. Do I have to report reimbursement or direct payment of travel expenses and tuition waivers related to attendance at a two-day legal seminar outside the state?  The seminar sponsor reimbursed me for my airfare. My room at the hotel, attendance at the seminar, and seminar-related meals were provided to me at no charge.

9. Do I have to report reimbursement of travel expenses and direct payment of expenses related to my attendance at the annual, statewide conference of the judges of my court (county, circuit or district court judges)?  There were continuing judicial education (CJE) seminars; at least half of our mandatory CJE credits must be obtained during such a judges’ conference. Breakfast, lunch, and light refreshments were provided to all judges at no charge. I was reimbursed by the state for my hotel room and mileage. Some judges have shared the opinion that reporting state-paid reimbursements was not really intended as that information is readily available from the state. Do I identify the “Source” of the payments or reimbursements on the form as the state?

10. I have been designated by my court conference to travel to Tallahassee relating to legislative matters, typically during the legislature’s sessions. Because of the importance of input from the judicial branch to ensure our continued ability to serve the people of Florida, the travel and reimbursements are authorized by my court conference and reimbursed by the state. Do I have to report the reimbursements or direct payments of these travel expenses?

2018-08 (amended)
2B, 3C(2), 4A(1)-(6), 4(D)(2)(a)-(b), 5C(3)(b)(i-iii) and Commentary 5D(1)-(4), Preamble to the Code of Judicial Conduct

May the Judicial Assistants Association of Florida (JAAF), as a registered 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, request and/or accept donations from attorneys, private law firms, businesses, and local bar associations to help offset the costs associated with hosting its annual educational conferences as an organization?

2018-09 4, 4A, 4D, 4D(1), 5, 5A, 5C(2)

Whether a Judge serve as a commissioner with the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.