Opinions of the Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee



2A; 4A; 4B; 5A

May a judge who serves in criminal court preside over a mock trial used for educating police officers about court and courtroom procedure?

7A(1) & (3), and commentary

1. May a judge’s parents and brother attend the judge spouse’s public announcement of spouse’s candidacy for elected office?

2. May the judge’s family and children attend and be introduced at the public announcement, as well as campaign events?

3. May judge’s parents and brother attend future fundraising events for spouse’s campaign?

4. May the candidate spouse explain the judge’s absence by conveying that the spouse’s job or profession does not allow spouse to attend or endorse any candidate for office?

2A, 2B, 3E(1), 5A

1. Whether a judge must recuse based on information that an attorney who regularly appears before the judge is “thinking” of running against the judge.

2. Whether the judge may ask the attorney directly whether the attorney intends to run against the judge.

(Election) (Amended)

May a judicial candidate personally solicit voters’ signatures on petition cards to be submitted at qualifying time in lieu of a filing fee?

4A(1)-(6), 4D(2)(a), 4(D)(2)(b)

May the inquiring judge permit a legal aid organization to list the judge as a member of the host committee on an invitation to the organization’s fundraising event?

Preamble to Code of Judicial Conduct, Application Section

May a part-time civil traffic infraction hearing officer be designated “of counsel” to a firm that represents clients in traffic cases in the same county where the hearing officer presides?