Opinions of the Judicial Ethics
Advisory Committee



1, 2, 2B, 3E(1)

1. Is a part-time traffic hearing officer disqualified from hearing all cases being represented by attorneys to whom the traffic hearing officer had previously referred traffic-related cases?

2. Should the traffic hearing officer be required to disclose the previous practice of referring cases to the attorneys when those attorneys are appearing before the officer.

2B, 4, 4A(1), 4C, 4D, 4D(1)

May a judge accept an appointment to the Florida Impaired Driving Coalition, an advisory body to the Florida Department of Transportation?

3E(1), 3E(2)

1. Whether a judge must disclose that a lawyer appearing before the judge has referred a case to the judge’s spouse, a lawyer, and who may have shared, or will share, a fee with the referring lawyer.

2. If the judge discloses the spouse’s business relationship with the attorney, is recusal automatically required?

2B, 4B, 5D

1. May a judge allow law-related organizations and a private law firm to jointly host a free post-seminar reception at the judges’ courthouse?

2. May a judge accept food/drink provided by the organizations/law firm at such an event?

2, 5D, 5F(2), and Commentary to Canon 5F(2)

May a senior judge serve as a court-appointed, litigant-paid independent investigator in a shareholders’ derivative action in a circuit where the judge does not preside?

If permitted to serve in that capacity, is the senior judge required to disclose such service and/or refrain from presiding over cases involving certain parties, lawyers, and law firms?

2B, 5D 5D(5)(h), and Commentary

May a circuit’s chief judge accept a donation of copiers to be used exclusively by attorneys in the courtroom?

5F(2), Application, Application B(1)

1. Whether Canon 5F(2) of the Code of Judicial Conduct applies to service as a senior judge on a District Court of Appeal.

2. Whether, if Canon 5F(2) does apply, a senior judge may serve on all cases before a District Court of Appeal when the senior judge currently provides arbitration services in one of the judicial circuits within the District Court of Appeal’s jurisdiction.

2, 2A, 2B, 5A, 5B, 5C(3), Commentary to Canon 2A, Commentary to Canon 5A

1. May a judge serve as a “judge” for preliminary Miss America pageant competitions?

2. As a corollary inquiry, the inquiring judge seeks a determination whether the Canons prohibit participation at a pageant competition by showcasing a talent, such as singing.

2, 2B

May a judge submit a letter to a municipality supporting the dedication of a little league baseball field in the name of the judge’s deceased former bailiff?

3B(2) and 3B(5)

May a judge attend a private organization’s seminar, that is neither court nor bar association sponsored, regarding diversity and racial equality at the judge’s own expense?

Preamble; Canons 5D(5); 5C(3)(b)(iii); 6; and Commentary to Canon 5D(5)(d)

Whether the Code of Judicial Conduct provides guidance for how a judge should dispose of an anonymous cash gift.

5E(1), (2) & (3); D (4)

Whether a judge may serve as a co-trustee, of an irrevocable trust created by the judge’s brother-in-law, who resides in Florida, but does not reside in the circuit wherein the judge presides?

5E; Application of the Code of Judicial Conduct

May a judge serve as the executor of an estate, a guardian, and/or a trustee on behalf of close relatives?